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UK Death Certificate

UK Death Certificate

To order an official replacement UK Death Certificate, with or without UAE Attestation, please complete the form below. If you need this document to be used somewhere other than the UAE, please get in touch for individual advice either by phone on 04 556 7338 or via email at sales@vitalcertificates.ae

Service Fee:  AED 125(Exc. 5% VAT)(AED 131 Inc. VAT)
Please provide the full name of the person named on the certificate.
Please provide the full date or year of death.
Please provide the date or year of death.
Please provide the town/city where the death was registered.

Duplicate British Death Certificates are often essential documents when laying claim to the estate of a deceased person, closing active service accounts, or to arrange repatriation to a home country.

Whether you need to confirm the passing of a relative/friend or are looking for additional genealogy research material, these documents are supplied directly from the UK's General Register Offices.

We can additionally supply a certificate for any UK death registered overseas at an Embassy or Consulate, High Commission, or with the Armed Forces.

Will the death certificate be accepted for use in the UAE?

If you require the death certificate to present to the UAE authorities, they will require it to be attested before it can be used. This is a process that ensures that the UAE Embassy in London has seen and verified the certificate before it is stamped. You will require the certificate to be attested if you intend to use the certificate to lay claim to a family estate, as well as many other official purposes in the UAE. We can arrange for your new certificate to be attested once it has been issued - just order this service alongside the certificate itself. 

Death Certificate Service

If you are ordering a duplicate British Death Certificate, you will receive an official document reproduced from either the General Register Office central archive or one of the network of local Register Offices. Typically this is an exact duplicate of the original archive certificate, however in some cases, where the handwritten document is deemed to be illegible, a typed version of the original will be supplied. 

The service speed will determined how quickly this certificate will be issued. Standard service orders will be completed within 10-12 working days, priority service orders are handled within 3 working days. 

Please note that the service speed relates to the production of the certificate only and does not include any time to attest or deliver the document. The time stated is based on UK working days which are different to those in the UAE. 

Attestation Service

If you are optionally ordering the attestation of this Death Certificate, following the reissue of the document we will perform 3 additional services on the certificate: 

  1. Legalisation at the UK Foreign & Commonwealth Office (FCO)
  2. Attestation at the UAE Embassy in London
  3. Attestation at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in the UAE


The service costs does not include delivery of the document. Delivery is added when you go through the checkout process and is charged per order rather than per document.