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Service Guarantee

Last updated: 24th January 2022

All documents we issue are backed by our 100% Service Guarantee - every document will be accepted for use in UAE.

Our Guarantee to You

We have absolute confidence in our service. If for any reason a document that has successfully undergone full attestation in the country of issue by Vital Certificates is rejected by the authorities in the UAE we will:

  1. Refund your service fees IN FULL
  2. Attest your documents again, FREE OF CHARGE
  3. FAST TRACK the completion of your attestation process (where possible) to minimise inconvenience.

There are some requirements, however!

Before We Agree to Attest Your Documents Again

We'll need contact details for the company or institution that rejected your attested documents, so we can validate their reasons for rejecting the document and help the correct documents reach them. This is the quickest way to correct any issues and reduce any delays.

Restrictions to the Guarantee

This guarantee only applies where you have provided the correct document to us to begin with. It is your responsibility to check the requirements of the person or organisation you are presenting your document to. We cannot be held responsible if the wrong document has been submitted to us!