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Your Team of Attestation Experts in the UAE

Attestation is a complex process, but that's not something you should have to worry about. We've been doing this since 2006, so we're good at taking the complicated and making it simple. That's why we think we're the best attestation company around.


The 4 things that make us the best...

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Our Story

"Why is international relocation so costly, inefficient, and difficult?"

That's the question our founder, Matt Lawless, asked himself sitting in his living room in 2006. Friends and associates alike had complained about how needlessly time-consuming the process was, having to deal with the bureacracy that foreign embassies bring, clouded in language that they didn't quite understand.

"Surely there's a better way to do this?"

Vital Certificates was formed out of the idea that things don't need to be so complex for you to fulfill your dreams of moving abroad.

We've been simplifying the attestation process in the UK since 2006, and we've established a reputation of getting things done quickly, affordably, and with minimal hassle. In 2015 we brought that same level of dedication, care and quality of service and established an office in the UAE.

Our Principles

We pride ourselves on the experience, knowledge and know-how we've gathered over the years since we started trading. Here's the three things that we've most come to value over that time.

Acceptance Guaranteed

You can trust that any documents we attest from the country of issue are GUARANTEED to be accepted in your destination country. We also work closely with the Department of Economic Development where company documents require attestation for UAE company formations.

Honesty and Integrity

We're up front and honest, and aim to present everything you need to know in a clear and simple manner. All we care about is providing the best possible service, with up-to-date information, so that you can relax and let us get on with the boring details so you don't have to.

A Personal Touch

We know how difficult it can be to understand the complex processes involved in attestation. That's why make it as easy as possible to get in touch, so you can speak to a real human in the method that suits you. We're a friendly bunch and we're happy to speak to you anytime!


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Our Global Network

Our global network spans over 150 countries, which means no matter where you're from, it's likely we'll be able to process your documents.

Check out the map to see if we can attest documents from your country.

Don't see your country on the map?

Get in touch and we'll do our best to help you.

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Our People

Our team in the UAE consists of expats from all over the globe, who strive to deliver a professional service with a personal touch. Backed by a team of attestation experts in the UK, we can support you through the stresses and complexities of moving abroad.

  • Matt Lawless

    Founder/Managing Director

    Batley, UK

  • Victoria Hepworth

    Country Manager

    Dubai, UAE

  • Pribi Pavin

    Office Coordinator

    Dubai, UAE

  • April Cafe

    Sales Support Manager

    Dubai, UAE

  • Christian Gallagher

    Business Development Manager

    Abu Dhabi, UAE

  • Saba Younis

    Legalisation Advisor

    Dubai, UAE

  • Joanne Douglas

    Finance Director

    Batley, UK

  • Sarah Price

    Sales Manager

    Batley, UK

  • Louise Wood

    Office Manager

    Batley, UK

  • Paul Fletcher

    Office Manager

    London, UK

  • Joanne Lawless

    HR Manager

    Batley, UK

  • Ruth James

    Finance Manager

    Batley, UK

  • Andrew Howden

    Business Development Manager

    Batley, UK

  • Emma Thompson

    Corporate Sales Support

    Batley, UK

  • Ashraf Vachhiat

    Marketing Technologist

    Batley, UK

  • Melanie Clarke

    Marketing Coordinator

    Batley, UK

  • Declan Ramsden

    Apprentice Content Creator

    Batley, UK

  • Nicola Palmer

    Legalisation Advisor

    Batley, UK

  • Sean Garvey

    Legalisation Advisor

    Batley, UK

  • Kelly Brown

    Legalisation Advisor

    Batley, UK

  • Nilem Patel

    Legalisation Advisor

    London, UK

  • Debi Gillatt

    Certificates Administrator

    Batley, UK

  • Neil Gabbitas

    Legalisation Runner

    London, UK